Baby boy shower ideas

baby boy shower ideas

9 Photos of the Baby boy shower ideas

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 baby boy shower ideas

To come up with baby boy shower ideas is not difficult. It is important to know the age of the boys and to have an idea of what the children of this age are fond of.
Now the most common topic for boyish holidays is a pirate party with finding buried treasure. But there are a lot of ideas for this party, be creative. The boys love get active! So, the brave pirate crew goes in search of treasure under the leadership of their captain. Guys decipher the map and perform complex tasks, and two experienced pirate (adults) help them!
There are some baby boy shower ideas for a pirate party:
Obstacle course
The chain is pulled over the heads of the participants. All pirates are on one side of the chain and run across to the other side without touching the chain on a command of the captain. During the game, the leader gradually lowers the chain as long as the players don’t have to crawl under it. Who touches the chain, out of the game.
Treasure map
The boys will have to collect the pieces of a real treasure map. You can use any image before it is cut into pieces and let the children to collect.
Tug of war
The pirates are divided into two teams, standing on opposite sides of the rope and pulling it on yourself. The team wins if it will pull the rope to its side together with the other team.
Cannonball (dodgeball)
It is a traditional street game, only you should use a big balloon (Cannonball) instead of a ball, which is more convenient in the room. Wins the most nimble and agile pirate.
For the company of boys, you can suggest some other baby boy shower ideas. It can be a theme party in the style of superheroes, cowboys, knights, or secret agents. Contests and entertainment can be movable at such parties to compete in the strength and endurance, solving logic puzzles. For example, it can be “Star wars”.
Where: the children’s bowling alley or sports club.

baby boy shower invitation ideas
Props: costumes of space travellers, “space food”, invitations with rockets and stars.
Scenario: the bowling tournament involves competition. In order to diversify, tell the kids that you are in a space ship, and placed on the track pins are the alien ships. Only balls of live ammunition and accurate sight can destroy enemy missiles.
It is important that competition and tasks would be appropriate for the age of the participants and, of course would be united by a common theme of the party.
Similar themed parties and baby boy shower ideas can be arranged for children’s birthdays and any other celebrations for children. It is important to remember that boys are very emotional, so moving activities at the party should be advisable alternated with calm.

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