Baby shower checklist

Baby shower checklist

To organize a successful baby shower party, the main thing is to plan it out properly. A baby shower checklist will come in handy for a successful baby shower party considering the following points to follow:

Location for the baby shower is the first in the baby shower checklist. You can host it anywhere you want like a restaurant, a club, or at a tea shop or of course your own home. All you need to know is where the best beauty would shine in the party.

Refreshments to be served for the baby shower are something you will have to think of. A full buffet or a five-course dinner would not be sufficed in the absence of some beverages like tea, coffee, or soda.

If you are hosting at your own place then do not forget to put the plates, cups, utensils, glasses and serving pieces like punch bowl, pitchers and napkins on your baby shower checklist.

Depending on the size of the kind of baby shower you want to hold, you may even need to rent or borrow tables, serving pieces, coffeemakers, and bartenders.

Decoration is another point to be included in your list when you are organizing a baby shower. Flowers, candles, balloons, the kind of lighting and the environment are some of the stuff you would want to pay attention to for decorative items.

You have to decide who you want to invite and how are you going to invite. There are many ways like printing cards, handmade invitations or e-invitations.

The kind of music you would like for your baby shower should be selective, of the kind you want or what the environment demands. Camera and game activities should also be included in the baby shower party to keep the guests entertaining.

To make the to-be-mom feel more special, having a memory book to be written by the guests and handing over cameras to your friends to keep various memories alive would be a good gift for her baby shower.

So prepare your baby shower checklist well in advance and make the to-be-mom remember this special day for a lifetime.

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