Baby shower etiquette

Baby shower etiquette for childrens holiday

Baby shower is an occasion that is celebrated to welcome the baby. This ceremony is filled with joy and happiness and fraught with expectations. Baby shower is celebrated in a traditional way as it shows the love and care for the to- be-mother and the baby. So several baby shower etiquettes are there that need to be followed and maintained for the well being of the mother and the baby.

According to traditional baby shower etiquette, showers should not be planned by the closest one of the would-be parents. Rather it should be hosted by friends or distant relatives. But just like other occasions, people nowadays do not follow these rules. But whoever may host the ceremony, it’s definitely not the would-be parents. Generally mother or mother -in – law or sisters host the ceremony these days.

Also some rules are followed regarding the invitation as a part of the baby shower etiquette. Close family members and friends are generally invited on this occasion. In the earlier times baby shower was celebrated to earn gifts and blessings for the to- be-mother and the baby. So while inviting someone you had to think whether you can ask for gifts from them. But nowadays the concept has changed. They would-be parents in their baby shower primarily expect to celebrate the birth of their baby where guests would shower love, care and blessings on the to-be-mother and the baby. Gifts are a secondary expectation in this generation.

The main baby shower etiquette that you should keep in mind is that the baby shower is completely a women oriented celebration. So no male guests should be invited on this occasion. But just like other celebrations, traditional rules are not followed strictly and sometimes male guests are also invited to this ceremony these days.

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