Baby Shower Prize Ideas One Can Try

baby shower game prizes ideas

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baby shower game prizes ideas

Certain baby shower games allow the participating guests to interact thereby entertaining everybody. If prizes offered to the winners of the games, then it makes the environment competitive thereby increasing the excitement factor for an activity. Numerous baby shower Prize ideas such as Bath products, sweets, greenery, filled bottles, gift certificates and candles are cherished in baby shower events. Furthermore, exfoliating and hydrating bath products are available as baby shower prizes.

Exfoliating Bath products such as salt scrub, facial scrub, pumice stone, body scrub, and sugar scrub are quite common whereas hydrating products involve face and body lotion, foot lotion, bath salts, cuticle lotion, bath oils, fancy soap and body wash.

Another interesting baby shower prize idea is a dish of homemade snacks and sweets. These include sugar cookies, chocolate cupcakes, and lollipop bouquet. It is also important to see how these prizes are presented. One can cut the sugar cookies in interesting shapes and then decorate in a way that it matches the theme of the party. Similarly, the chocolate cupcakes can be presented in an attractive way. The same is true with lollipop bouquet, and it can be decorated well before it is presented.

There are potted plants and flowers that can serve the purpose of a baby shower prize ideas. They are mostly inexpensive. However, if one chooses a more decorative ceramic pot then it is expensive. And if such gifts are decorated before presenting, then they serve as excellent gift items. Even bottles filled with gourmet coffee, tea, cocoa, gumballs serve as interesting baby shower gift items.

Then there are gift certificates to a bakery shop, coffee shop or even a bath store that serve as baby shower prizes. In this category there are expensive items such as gift certificates to a spa, restaurant boutique or even a salon that are quite popular in baby shower parties.

One can even choose decorative scented candles as a baby shower prize idea. These items are not that expensive and they can be well maintained and stored in houses. A single candle acts a small prize at baby shower parties whereas a bunch of these scented candles acts as a large prize.

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