Baby Shower Guessing Game And Their Types

Baby Shower Guessing Game is one of the many categories of games played at a baby shower. Baby shower is a celebration for congratulating the mother on giving birth to the baby. It is a time when the mother gets together with her friends and family to have enjoyed. Since it is a celebration, games are an important part of this event. Guessing games are one of the most type of games played at baby showers. Guessing games are fun and bring out the excitement from the guests attending the baby shower. As a host, you have to decide on playing the most enjoyable games. Here are some fun guessing games you must play.

Baby Shower Guessing Game: Some Exciting Types

Baby Shower Guessing Game

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There are many guessing games played at baby showers. One of the most interesting games is ‘Guess the baby food’. For this game, you will need some preparation. In this game, you have baby food in the closed jar. Now you blindfold your guests and make them taste the food in the jar one by one. Your guests have to guess the food they just had. In the end, they can see which one they got right and wrong. You will have various baby foods like applesauce, cereals and so on. Another easy and interesting game is ‘Baby price is right’. In this game, your guests will guess the cost of various baby products. The person who comes closest to the actual price gets some prize. You can have the series of guessing chances with some information regarding the products. This is a very interesting game since for every right guess, the players can get some prize. You can introduce various games in which guessing is the main factor. Guessing can be about various things from price for baby products. You can come up with your own games as well.

Baby Shower Guessing Game: Other Aspects

Baby Shower Guessing Game

Apart from deciding what games should be played, there are many other things that need to be decided. For example the prizes given to the winners of the guessing game should also be fixed. The guessing game should not be too hard as it may put people off. It should be of average difficulty. If it is too easy then people will get it right every time and hence it will be no fun to play such games. Make sure to have more than one such games so that in case one does not work, you can always switch to another one. You can apply guessing on various aspects and make a game out of it. Guessing games are easy since they do not need much preparation or essentials for setting up the game. Make sure to include elements of baby shower in the game.

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