Baby shower themes for boys

baby shower themes for boys

6 Photos of the Baby shower themes for boys

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baby shower themes for boys

Baby Shower may have a certain theme. You can, for example, organize the celebration, dress code and gifts to be in certain colors. What baby shower themes for boys can you choose?

Pirate party. The ship mast and sail on the background of the candy bar, treasure chests in the form of chocolate coins, bottles with treasure maps filled with candy, wonderful pirate cake, sweet biscuits and cakes in the form of money bags. This beautiful day can be finished with a magic show and outdoor games.

Star Wars. Among baby shower themes for boys, choose the style based on the movie “Star Wars”. The present children on the party can get brown cloaks and toy lightsabers. For entertainment and photographing prepare masks with depicting characters of the film. Desserts on the candy bar can be adorned with miniature lightsabers. Guests can play fun games with names such as “Jedi Training”, “Destroy Darth Vader” (pinata filled with candy may play the role of Darth Vader), “Galactic jumping” and others. Colours: brown, black, green, blue, beige, red.

Circus and clowns. Colours: red, green, white, yellow, blue, pink. Menu dessert table: macaroon, cotton candy, marshmallows, popcorn, lemonade, m&m’s, cookies-stars, ice cream, peanuts, cake in the form of a circus tent. Use a small device for popcorn, garlands, triangular flags, balloons. For the guests entertainment you may provide clown makeup and fun photo shoot in funny glasses and other fun details (cardboard bows, mustache, clown noses). Guests can not be left without holiday gifts on such a party, you need to prepare small favours fo them, which include coloring books, candy, popcorn.

Among baby shower themes for boys choose the style of rock star. Colours: black, white, green, silver shades. Buy a cake in the form of a drum set or cupcakes with little microphones. For the menu use the candy bar of vanilla cupcakes, coconut biscuits, jelly and macaroons. Use the sheet music notation for the decoration of jars with sweets.

Football is one of the greatest baby shower themes for boys. Colours: black, green, white. It is a good idea to organize the celebration if the future father is a football fan and prefers his son to be just like him. It is very convenient, because in this case it is not necessary to think how to entertain the boys at the party. The main design element is a hexagon, because from the elements of such form balls are sewn. In the menu, for the candy bar use a double decker cake, hexagonal cupcakes, white chocolate mousse, hexagonal candy, cookies in the shape of a shield.

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