Baby shower themes for girls

baby shower themes for girls

7 Photos of the Baby shower themes for girls

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baby shower themes for girls

Baby Shower is a great way to celebrate the imminent appearance of a newborn baby. If it is a baby girl, the event should be really nice and charming. When it comes to organization and choosing holiday themes, there many fun options. To plan ideal decorations, you just need is little time, creativity and determine with baby shower themes for girls:

Baby Shower in Shabby Chic style. Paper flowers, pearls, lace, floral, glitter will give the perfect look of the event! For this party are traditional Shabby Chic gentle pastel colors: ivory, white, purple, light blue, pink, lavender. All colors are kind of frayed, faded from time. For the design you may use a large number of flowers, both living and paper. Cups, bowls and boxes for gifts have to be decorated with lace, pearls and satin ribbons.

Among baby shower themes for girls you may choose a style based on the popular animated series «My Little Pony». The main thing you should pay attention when choosing this theme is that all the colors have to be very rich and saturated, like “cartoon”. The main elements of decor are images of ponies, rainbows and clouds. In this case, the background of candy bar should be decorated with cloud and rainbow garlands. A rainbow has to be present on the cake. All candies, jelly beans, lollipops and other desserts need to be colorful and very bright. Use pictures of a small pony, clouds and a rainbow for the decoration of cushions, drink labels, favour bags for guests, balloons.

The popular cartoon «Princess Charm School Barbie» can also be one of the baby shower themes for girls. Colors: pink, blue, fuchsia, white, yellow. For your little guests you may organize Charm School Spa, where they can get manicure and easy makeup. At the coronation ceremony, give the tiara to the future mom – she is expecting the main princess. Desserts: cake, sugar cookies, chocolate, cupcakes, caramel apples dipped in chocolate.

The thematic Baby Shower for a girl can be based on a favorite mom’s cartoon about Minnie Mouse. Colours: red, black, white and pink. The main elements for the decoration in the style of Minnie Mouse are red or pink bows, white polka dots and black round ears. These elements should be present everywhere: cupcakes, balloons, paper ornaments in the room. In the menu, except sweet cookies, cakes, ice cream and cupcakes, you may also include traditional american hotdogs.

Choosing among baby shower themes for girls you can organize a real holiday of a little princess, who will soon be born.

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