Baby shower to-do-list

Baby shower to-do-list

A list is very important for a successful baby shower, since lots of things need to be taken care of and you would surely not like to miss any of these. A baby shower to-do-list will help you to organize a perfect baby shower. Here are some tips for the same:

Around 10 weeks before the baby shower you need to fix as to who is going to host the baby shower party. Will you be the only person or will there be someone you might be needing help from?

Figure out a proper budget. Will there be any contribution from any counterpart or will you have to bear it all alone? You will at least get enough time to put aside the amount of money you want to spend.

Do not forget to book the venue for your party and include it as the first and foremost thing in your baby shower to-do-list. Whether you are hosting it in a restaurant or a club or at your own place, it needs to be decided well in advance.

With prior consultation with your relatives and close friends, who would be travelling a long way, and people whose presence you do not want to miss, fix a date accordingly.

The most important thing in your baby shower to-do-list is to prepare a proper guest list. Today, however, with the help of technology, this problem isn’t a bigger one.

With the baby shower coming closer, you would want to select a theme. You can either choose a baby related theme or just a simple garden theme with baskets of flowers or wheatgrass pots. It is very important to keep the expecting mother’s taste in mind.

Send out invitation about 6 weeks prior to the baby shower so as to give the guests some time to plan their schedule accordingly.

Go shopping for the big day a bit earlier. There will be plenty you will miss out on the first day of shopping but do not forget to order for the cake.

And with just a few days to go, assign a photographer and line up for some extra help in cooking, serving and other help so that you are totally prepared for the grand baby shower.

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