best baby shower games

best baby shower games

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best baby shower games

best baby shower games

At Baby Shower it is accepted to play a variety of games. Of course all the best baby shower games should be related to children themes:

Sculpt from plasticine. Invited participants sculpt from plasticine different baby items: pacifier, stroller, rattle, bottle. You may complicate the game and ask to make a sterilizer for bottles or baby monitor.

Wishes. Take a nice piggy bank, but instead of money, guests will put there their notes with warm wishes. After the birth of a baby this piggy bank is opened and parents read aloud for the kid all the kind words – let all be fulfilled!

Fortune teller. Every guest writes the date of the alleged birth of the baby, as well as height and weight. The guest with the most exact prediction after the birth gets a prize. For example, an imprint of baby hands and legs.

Singing. Guests are divided into two teams and in turn begin to remember different lullabies. The team, which can sing the last lullaby, wins.

Speed diapering. Guests are split into pairs and diaper dolls on speed. But it is not so simple, evebody’s one arm is hugging the partner’s waist, so only a second hand is free. The fastest couple gets a little souvenir.

Depict the baby. Let every guest, taking part in the best baby shower games, to depict the voice of the crying newborn baby. The expectant mother must choose who turned out better than anyone.

Baby socks. For this game take two or three dozen of children’s socks. Put them in a basket or other container, mix them all. The game is as quickly as possible to collect socks in pairs. You may play for a time or two teams. Just for laughs, you can put there one male holey sock.

Tummy. Of course, the most important object of the Baby Shower event is a future mom and her tummy! But what is the tummy size(or waist circle) it is not easy to guess. Among the best baby shower games give participants the opportunity to do this. Whose number will be the closest to the truth, wins in this competition.

Photo for memory. This is a mandatory part of the program. You may arrange a kind of amateur photo shoot using improvised accessories. And you may also invite professionals!

And finally opening the gifts on the throne by the future mom. She carefully unties the gifts, then collects all ribbons and bows and constructes a headdress on her head. Do not forget to send for all guests a baby photo in given presents!

Choose the best baby shower games for the organizing the most amazing holiday. This event will be remembered for a long time.

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