Boy baby shower ideas

boy baby shower ideas

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boy baby shower ideas

 boy baby shower ideas

When you organize Baby Shower, it is necessary to think about party decorations, entertainment, menu. There are a lot of boy baby shower ideas, which will help to create a wonderful day. Most importantly, choose the original theme and use it for decor.

If the expectant mother loves science and can not imagine her life without formulas, exact calculations and scientific experiments, this alternative design is ideal for her boy Baby Shower. Use blue, light blue, green, orange, white, black colors for decorations.

Decor items: the name of the party “Baby Boy Science Lab”, colored candies in flasks and test tubes, a cake decorated with white figures of laboratory mice, use in the decoration images of laboratory reservoir, measuring cups, atom, cups of jelly inside which there are chewing candies in the form of frogs. All invited guests are distributed with badges with the words “Professor First Name and Last Name”.

How to entertain your guests and how to use boy baby shower ideas? Use interesting scientific experiments! In specialty stores of products for art and in large stores of goods for children, you can find great thematic sets, which are not difficult to be made at home and fun scientific experiments in physics, chemistry, mechanics and others.

Sports theme is very popular for boy baby shower ideas. You may prefer as a separate sport (football) and sports in general. Guests should be invited to wear sweaters of their favorite sports teams or put on sportswear of favorite kind of sports. For home decoration, you may use symbols of sports teams, posters of famous athletes or toys in the form of sports equipment for basketball or football stuffed with candy and sweets.

A round cake can be easily turned into a game ball and a square or rectangular – the field of play with a layer of green frosting. Entertainment is also possible to bring to the sports: goals competition, jumping on one leg and so on. In memory of the party, you may give guests everything sports-themed, from baseball cards to the whistles of the judges.

You may be inspired with some of boy baby shower ideas, like favorite TV show or movie – a party with a theme promises to be a real hit. For example, you could invite Sponge Bob and turn your house into a real party with dummy fish, fishing nets, sea stars, crabs and other marine creatures. Think of games associated with the characters of the animated series. At the end of the holiday guests get buckets with sand scoops and shells as souvenirs.

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