Coed Baby Shower Favors As A Token Of Appreciation

Coed Baby Shower Favors are the gifts given during the baby shower event. Gifts are an integral part of any celebration. Baby showers are known for the gift exchanging between the guests and the host of the event. It is a custom to give gifts to the new mother on this happy occasion. Gifts make the celebration better. In return of the gifts given by the guests to the mother, it is a good idea to give favors back to the guests. It makes the celebration complete and your guests will appreciate your gesture. Here are some good coed baby shower favor ideas.

Coed Baby Shower Favors Ideas

Coed Baby Shower Favors

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Favors are basically returning gifts given by the hosts to the guests. For coed baby shower, the guests are men and women. Usually for baby shower, only women guests are invited. With the changing times, men too can be a part of this function. You have to choose the gift according to the guests attending the baby shower. A coed baby shower return gift must be something that can be used by all. It should not be gender specific. Usually something light and causal is given as a baby shower gift. Candy is a good example of this. Candies and chocolates make up for a good favors for a baby shower. They are in sync with the celebration and have a good feel about them. You can have this as  favors for coed baby showers.  You can also consider various new and coed related favors ideas.

Coed Baby Shower Favors: Unconventional Ideas

Coed Baby Shower Favors

Since it is a coed function, the favors should not be too gender specific. You can think of something that is enjoyed by all. It could be just a thank you note on a coffee mug. This can be useful for the guests in the future. Apart from this, it will be around to remind them of the baby shower hosted by you. Make sure to make the gift with a personal touch of thank you. This gives a good feeling of your hospitality and appreciation. Your hosts will remember this gesture. It is also seen that people have custom ribbons to tie to the guests. It is a cute way of thanking them for attending the baby shower. These ribbons have a sweet message written on them. It says something like “stay this on your wrist for as long as you wish the mother and the baby to be happy.” If your budget allows you to buy something expensive, you can go for something useful like wine glasses. It is also a good idea to have two gifts, one for guys and one for women. This way both get something they like without any compromise. 

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