Coed baby shower games

coed baby shower games

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coed baby shower games

coed baby shower games

If during Baby Shower you provide your invited guests with fun coed baby shower games and competitions, the festival will be always remembered by all invited friends. Adult duests like games not less recklessly than children. Chiefly, if all the games are so cute and funny.

Who, where? For such a game you have to find the first baby pictures of all present guests. You may get them long before the event or ask guests to bring them at the event. Collect all the pictures and hang on the wall, attach to the preformed sheet of paper. White down near each photo the number. Offer guests to understand who is on the portraits. Everybody is given a pen and paper. The player who will say more correct answers wins.

There may be a way to carry out such coed baby shower games a bit differently: the leading person names the photo number and the guests say their assumptions. The one who guesses may get a candy, who collects more candies – wins. If you may find family photos of movie stars and celebrities, add them to all photos. The game will be more complicated, but still interesting. As prizes prepare trivia or purely nursery accessories – pacifiers and baby socks filled up with candy.

“Baby” does not speak. At the beginning of the holiday each guest get some clothespins on the clothes. Declare “banned” words. Now the task of each guest to listen carefully of others talk. If they say the “banned” words, they can select one clothespin. The guest who collects more clothespins, wins these coed baby shower games and gets a price. You may “trick” clothespins with the cunning, especially provoking interlocutors and asking them tricky questions.

Who is the biggest? Start up a circle of thick tangle of thread and scissors. Every guest may cut a piece of string, which corresponds to the tummy volume of the expectant mother. Now make the fitting. Who guesses or is closer to the truth, gets the prize.

Painters. All participants of the game get a paper plate and a pen. Plate is put on the head and drawn a portrait baby on it. The expectant mother assesses the performance of portrait painters and announces the winner.

Quiz. At the end of the party organize coed baby shower games in order to give the main prize – the invitation at the baby’s first birthday. Subject questions, of course, will deal with pregnancy and baby care. Ask guests about the hatching time of different animals. Everyone says the assumptions and receives forfeits for correct answers. The most smart and erudite player wins.

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