Coed baby showers for close friends and family members

Coed Baby Showers

Baby shower is basically designated as a women’s ceremony. Traditionally in a baby shower, only females were engaged and allowed and male members were not invited to the ceremony. The main reason behind not inviting men was that in this function the mother-to-be was given instructions and suggestions about the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy and how to take care of the new born child. So baby shower was particularly celebrated for the expecting mother. But now-a-days the concepts are changing. These days the father-to-be takes the initiative regarding the arrangements for the ceremony.

coed baby shower backyard picnic tables coed baby showers backyard picnic tables

To break the mold, coed baby showers are a new concept. The present generation does not believe in the traditional concepts and many male friends and family members are also invited to join and enjoy the baby shower celebrations. For a coed baby showers the dad-to-be is usually engaged in the planning and arrangements of the occasion. Along with dad, special male friends or family members are also engaged in the planning of the baby shower. To ensure a happening baby shower, the couple prepares baby shower invitation cards which are sent to everyone who is on the guest list. You should clearly mention the names of the guests who will be joining you on your special day. All the feature graphics and texts should clearly mention that the couples are invited to a coed baby showers.

Starting from decorations to the menu, choice and tastes of dad-to-be should also be given importance. Because if there is something that the dad-to-be does not like to happen in the celebration, other male guests should not do it. As the baby shower ceremony is hosted by the close friends or some family members other than the to-be-mother, dad-to-be should know all the important information about the date, time and venue of the baby shower. This will ensure that the other male guests are well aware of the celebration of a coed baby showers.

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4 Photos of the Coed baby showers for close friends and family members

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