Diy baby shower invitations

diy baby shower invitations for boys

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diy baby shower invitesdiy baby shower invitationsdiy baby shower invitations templatediy baby shower invitations for boys

diy baby shower invitations

When it comes to Baby Shower, there is a way to turn ordinary invitations into an exciting and creative play! Baby shower invitations can be easily done by your own hands together with some children. Such an invitation at the baby party will be remembered not only by your guests, but also a future mom. You do not have any experience in needlework? So what! There are many options of diy baby shower invitations.

Funny bees

For these invitations, you will need not many materials. Take thick white cardboard, yellow paint of two shades, bubble wrap material, brush and black marker. Paint the bubble wrap material with yellow brighter tone and attach white cardboard. It will print “cells” that need to be allowed to dry before proceeding to the next step. After the cells dry, smear your finger with yellow paint of a darker shade and leave fingerprints, which then become bees. Once the paint is dry, paint for bees stripes, antennae and eyes. And then write the guest’s name, place and time of the event!

Variegated butterfly

For such diy baby shower invitations you need to fold in half a sheet of dense colored cardboard, cut with the template a contour of butterfly. Depending on which option is chosen, you can roll the invitation and fix it in the middle with a ribbon or insert into the middle a long piece of candy. Wings of butterflies can be decorated with applications, inscriptions or colorized.

Tracery invitation

Such a cute envelope is very simple and looks very nice and touching. You will need openwork napkins, thick colored or white cardboard, ribbon. Cut cardboard into a square of suitable size, sign, put it on a napkin, neatly bend the edges. Tie the edges with a ribbon. The invitation is ready!


Diy baby shower invitations with a memorable hand print can be done with finger paints and cardboard. Even the smallest guests can take part in the preparation of this invitation. Especially nice it would be to receive such invitations for close relatives and friends. They just will keep it for the memory.

Unusual invitation

In order to make such diy baby shower invitations, you will need: a printer, dense colored cardboard, which can be used instead of decorative paper for scrapbooking, hole punch and ribbon. The first thing, you need to print on the cardboard a template. The text of the invitation can also be directly printed on cardboard or write it later. Make holes for the ribbons with a hole punch and connect the two parts together. Decorate it on your taste: sequins, stickers, butterflies, all that tells your imagination.

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