Easy baby shower game one can play in parties

The various easy baby shower game include the baby shower bingo, don’t say baby, guess the belly size, baby picture guessing game and many more. The baby shower bingo is important in baby shower parties. To play this interesting game it is essential to make copies of a 5×5 grid. This grid must have enough room in each of the squares. At the centre of the square the player writes “bingo”. Before opening the gifts of baby shower, it is necessary to pass this grid to everyone. The players are then instructed to write the name of a gift in each of the squares of the grid. On completion, the cards are passed to the person on the left until everybody gets a card that is not their own. With the opening of each gift, an item is crossed in the grid. The person getting five in a row horizontally, vertically or even diagonally is declared the winner, post his or her calling out the word “baby”.

Another easy baby shower game is when people arrive at the party, then they are handed a necklace with several safety pins in it. They are instructed to avoid saying “baby” and if somebody hears them say the word, then that person can point it out and get a safety pin. The person with most number of safety pins wins.

In another easy baby shower game, guess the mom’s belly size, the participants get the option to cut a section of yam. They cut the yam with a length that is believed to go around the mom’s belly. When everybody makes the guesses the actual measurement is taken. Whoever can guess close wins.

Baby picture guessing game is another easy baby shower game in which every guest is asked to bring a baby picture of them, which is given to the host. Then a poster board is created having all of these pictures attached. A number is mentioned under each of these pictures and an answer for each picture is created. Guests can look at the board and write down his or her name that is present in the baby picture.

easy baby shower games to play

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easy baby shower games to play

easy baby shower games to play

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