Fun baby shower games

fun baby shower games

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fun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower gamesfun baby shower games

At every party you need a little entertain your guests, especially if it is the baby shower celebration. Use some fun baby shower games, that are popular among future mothers.

The game “baby layette”. Take at least 20 items that are often used for the baby care and entertainment. These can be nipples, diapers, bottles, bibs, rattles, a bottle of baby oil, packing of wet wipes, baby monitor, sleeping bag, booties, children’s thermometer and others.

Put it all in a cloth bag or pillowcase and tie. The game leading person has a list of items and a pen to cross out the items that have been called. This person brings to every participant this bag and asks to touch guess the child subject. The participant who guesses the last item, gets the prize as the winner of such fun baby shower games.

The second version of this game: pass the bag around the circle, giving every guest the opportunity to feel what are there. Do not let the guest more than 1 minute to define the content. Then, everybody write down on paper a list of what they have found in a bag. Accordingly, you need to give guests a piece of paper and a pen. The winner is that participant who will write more correct answers.

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The third option of these fun baby shower games: put in the bag more items (at least 30) and do not bundle it. Pass the bag around, allowing every guest to look inside and try to remember the contents. Every guest is given 1 minute. Then the guests have to write what they have remembered from the bag contents. Who has the longest list – wins.

The game “supermom”. You need to hang the rope at a height at which usually clothes are hang. You will also need a dozen of children outfits, couple dozen of clothespins, a doll of a baby size and a mobile phone (even an old broken or toy one). The task: the participant must as soon as possible to hang the clothes on the rope, holding a doll (“baby”), while “talking” on a mobile phone. At a sign a participant starts to hang clothes. The winner is the guest who has hang all baby clothes for at the least time.

The next fun baby shower games may be called “one diaper, two diaper”. Take a small present (for example, an angel figure), place it in a box of medium size. Then the box has to be wraped with lots of colorful paper layers. Turn on the music, guests make a circle and begin dancing, passing each other the “baby” box. The music abruptly stops. The one who at that moment was holding the box must remove its diaper. The guest who has got the “naked” box when you turn off the music, should remove a present from the inside and get it as a gift.

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