Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Ideas And More

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes are an important way of including men as well as women in the event of baby shower. Baby shower is held for welcoming the new baby. It is also a celebration to shower the mother with all the gifts and essentials which she will need while raising the baby. It is a fun way of congratulating the new mother. This occasion can be used by all the friends to meet the mother and the baby for the first time. Themed baby showers are trendy as they allow people to get together and have fun. It is crucial to have gender neutral baby shower so that everyone enjoys the event and no one is left bored.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Some Fun Ideas

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

Games are a fun way to enjoy together. Playing games together makes people feel included and also gives a sense of togetherness. It is an easy way to bond. Introduce games in the event so that everyone has fun. Games can be a good theme for a baby shower. Play indoor games and video games to have fun. These days, women have also started playing all kinds of games, be it board games or PS4. Form teams with each team having male and female members. Other theme ideas include Dressup themes. Everyone loves to dress up. Since it is a baby shower, dress up themes can be unlimited. There are many Dressup types that both men and women would enjoy. You can dress up as funny cartoon, cartoons, animals like bees and fishes. Dressing up is fun and you get to see some cool and creative attires from the both ends. People are curious about what are wearing as well. This makes it fun for both the genders. You can also keep the event formal by having a formal dress code them of ties and suits for men and dresses for women. You can also dress up as your favorite movie and television show characters. Since everyone watches movies and TV shows, your guests will have lots to do and will totally relate to the party themes.

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes: Other Ideas

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

People often bond over entertainment options. You can take advantage of famous TV shows and movies. You can make the party about these famous movies and shows by making games about them. You can play games like guessing famous personalities based on clues of these shows and movies. Avoid topics which are stereotypically known to be favored by only one gender and lacks interest of another. For example fashion, shoes, sports, tech devices and so on. Too much discussion  on these topics for long hours will make the other gender lose interest in your baby shower party.

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