Homemade baby shower gifts ideas

new born homemade baby shower gifts ideas

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new born homemade baby shower gifts ideas

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts Ideas: unique gifts to your children

Baby shower is traditionally celebrated with a concept that on this ceremony the to-be-mother is showered with gifts. Although the concept has changed as receiving gifts is not primarily expected but still the guests attending the baby shower bring some gifts for the to-be-mother or the baby. Most of the gifts are related to the baby items. There are a variety of items available in the market as gifts for the baby shower. But homemade baby shower gifts express more love and attachment towards the mother-to-be and the coming baby.

You can wrap some simple baby items like onesies, blankets, mats, bottles, pajamas and similar items in a baseball glove. These gifts wrapped in baseball gloves are suitable for a boy baby shower as baseball gloves are mostly liked by boys. You can prepare a theme gift for the new mom. A box comprising of baby items would be a good idea as homemade baby shower gifts.

A photo album with space to add memories can be very sweet. There the mother-to-be can attach the photos of every stage of pregnancy and write the experiences and feelings of every stage of motherhood. This is one the lovely homemade baby shower gifts which are liked by every expecting mother. Rattles made at home with a soft spongy piece of cloth can also act as a cute homemade baby shower gift. You can also turn a mismatched dozens into a super snuggly rattles. It would not hurt the soft hands and skin of the little baby.

Generally travel change and play mats are huge in size. But you can make a travel change and play mat with colorful soft clothes that would include large side pockets to hold the baby items needed each and every moment. The diapers, clothes for changing and wipes can be easily put inside this pocket. You can give it any shape you like such as the round shape or rectangular shape. You can also add funky frills outside to make the mat more attractive.

So let your imagination run wild and design unique homemade baby shower gifts for your loved ones.

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beautiful homemade baby shower gifts

best homemade baby shower gifts ideas

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