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Kids birthday cakes for parties devoted to newborns

Remember the time when your birthday meant something very special for you and that you eagerly waited for it for nearly a month prior to it. How important was the cake for you, the design, the icing on it and the flavor of it. Times have changed today, but kids, even today feel all the same like we used to feel back then. They also want their cake to be better than every other friend’s birthday they have attended.

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Today a wide variety of kids birthday cakes are available and this has only been possible because of the new technologies that come up every day. The way the cakes are baked today is simply amazing and one can get any type of cake they want for their kid’s birthday. However with a little idea of your own, you can always bake a cake of your own for your child. There are a few kids birthday cakes which would not be much of a problem for you to bake. Here are some of them

The Little Big cat’s face can be a great roaring birthday cake for your child. A little bit of trouble might be faced while forming the face. Just pipe down the chocolate frosting to make the mane and save the vanilla wafers for the ears and the cake is ready.

The Rainbow Love cake is another beautiful idea for preparing your kids birthday cakes, though it requires some effort to put the various colors on the cake. You can pipe down different colors in the form of a circle or even put colored gems and chocolate pieces to create the perfect rainbow cake.

Or you can even bake a Jersey Cake for your sports-loving child, which is super easy to prepare. All you need to do is some straight icing on the cake, but do keep in mind the color of the jersey your child wears while playing his or her favorite sport.

Such ideas for your kids birthday cakes will always make your child proud of you and will surely make him or her extremely happy on their special birthday.

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6 Photos of the Kids birthday cakes

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