Minnie mouse baby shower decorations

minnie mouse baby shower decorations

8 Photos of the Minnie mouse baby shower decorations

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minnie mouse baby shower decorations

The great animator Walt Disney gave the children of one of the most loved and recognizable characters – a little mouse named Mickey and his friend Minnie. All the kids and their parents will be delighted with a holiday based on this tale. If the future mother is expecting a girl, the Minnie Mouse theme would be ideal for her baby shower holiday. Use minnie mouse baby shower decorations to make the event charming!

The same symbol here will be big ears of Minnie Mouse! Use this famous decoration form in everything: create bouquets of flowers in this form, bake cookies with the big “ears”, maybe you will find great dishes of “eared” forms. In a word, only one form of Minnie head with large ears already tells your guests about the theme of the celebration!

For the table setting you can also use beautiful disposable dishes. The using of tableware with the image of Minnie Mouse will tell your guests whom the future mother is expecting without any words. And do not forget to use fun cocktail tubules, holiday cups with funny Minnie ears! All this may be used as minnie mouse baby shower decorations of the table, then let the present children play with these accessories, and at the end – give them for your guests as souvenirs!

For the registration decor use the multicolored balloons without pattern or with Minnie designs. Simply inflate the balloons, hanging them up to the ceiling, or make a garland of balloons, gather them in beautiful air bouquets – it is difficult to overdo it with balloons for baby shower parties, they are appropriated everywhere!

You may really impress your guests, inviting a great walking figure of Minnie Mouse! You will see how much joy it may deliver to the celebration! Such walking figures are inflated with helium and because the weights base they can move around the room at the slightest breath of wind. Little guests and all the adults will be fun to play with such minnie mouse baby shower decorations, take pictures with it and dance! Add such a walking figure with wonderful balloons of the same cartoon hero. You may get a real fairy tale at the baby shower of a future little princess.

And, of course, do not forget the jewelry paper garlands with this favorite Disney character, colorful paper suspension and figures – always simple and elegant solution for decorating such a holiday.

Minnie mouse baby shower decorations will be loved by everyone. A cake with the main character, funny costumes – all this will turn an ordinary holiday in the original event.

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