Monkey baby shower decorations

monkey baby shower decorations

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monkey baby shower decorations

monkey baby shower decorations

The baby shower event in the monkey style is an interesting theme if a future mom does’n not want to say a gender of her baby or just does not know it, so she may have a neutral party. This style means, that you may use everything reminding you about monkeys. Many monkey baby shower decorations may have natural neutral colors like brown, green, yellow. You might use more bright variations of these shades to create the monkey style more marked for a boy or girl party.

Baby Showers of the monkey style are funny and exciting, just because there are many ways for choosing the monkey ideas. There are some monkey baby shower decorations ideas for a great party:

Monkeys themselves. There are a lot of baby shower decors, which may remind traditional monkeys. Generally, you may easily find the baby shower items that show this theme choice (minkey toys, monkey balloons, monkey cakes, monkey garlands).

Monkey socks. This items can be a perfect part of baby shower decoration. You could use it to decorate the hall, the area near the candy bar, make the garlands from them, and you may also find invitations and other items that have the sock monkeys style. The colors for sock monkey decorations traditionally are brown, deep red, but there are aslo some sock monkeys in other funny colors.

Curious George. This is an interesting and very popular character among children. It will make the themed baby shower really funny and stylish. Get several Curious George books and toys, use them all for the decor of your monkey party. You may use them for tableware idea options. Decorate it according to the classic illustrations of Curious George.

Bananas. These are the greatest decorations of such a patry. Use them for the the food table! You may bake or order different banana cupcakes, banana jelly, banana candies. Hang some of bananas on the wall and candy bar area.

You can find many interesting monkey baby shower decorations ideas, favors, food, and even the invitations, just use you imagination.

Add the monkey idea to the favors for your guests. It can be actually made like monkey style baked cookies, cupcakes, candles. Use monkey style packaging for your favors, you may even draw monkeys on the bags, if you have a talent.

There are really many ways that you may add to your monkey party. Use for the main centerpiece of the holiday a monkey style cake or there are many options for adorable monkey cupcakes. Start your party with monkey baby shower decorations and suprise all the guests.

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