Nautical Baby Shower Games For A Different Baby Shower Experience

Nautical Baby Shower Games are the games played in the baby shower celebration on the nautical theme. Nautical theme is very popular in baby shower. Nautical theme is related to the sea and sailors. Hence it offers lots of scope to have fun and do something creative. Many people use this theme for their baby shower. There can be many games which match the nautical theme. As a host, you get to pick which games are suitable and should be included in the baby shower. With nautical theme, there are many games that you can play with your guests. Here are some exciting nautical baby shower ideas for games to be played.

Nautical Baby Shower Games: Some People Nautical Games

Nautical Baby Shower Games

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Baby shower games are supposed to be light and easy to play. They should not be too difficult. The whole point of playing games at this ceremony is to have fun together. TheĀ  most common, yet interesting game of nautical theme has been to play dress up. As the name suggests, your guests will show up at the event dressed in nautical themed attire. They must also prepare a short skit or some lines to say as the person they are dressed up as. This can be a navy officer, sailor, pirate and so on. It should be related to the nautical theme. There can be many such competitions on which they will be judged. At the end, the guest who did the best in all the aspects, gets the prize. This is an appropriate game to play as everyone can take part in it. It allows the guests to be creative in their costumes and play the part they wish to play. This is a very fun game as suited for kids, adults, men and women. Another funny game is to make the guest write and read out letters written to the baby in a nautical theme. This is lots of fun since the nautical theme means writing the letter like a pirate or a navy man. This is also cute for the guests will shower the baby with blessings and love but with a twist. It makes up for an interesting game and people have fun listening to each other’s letters.

Nautical Baby Shower Games: Other Things To Take Care Of

Nautical Baby Shower Games

Apart from these games, there are many other aspects that you have to take care of as the host of the baby shower. You can have prizes to the winners of these nautical games. You can give cookies or candies to the winners as prizes. This makes the games more interesting to play. The candies and other presents should also be related to the nautical theme. Candies with nautical themed wrappers are a good choice for this option.

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