Nautical baby shower invitations

nautical baby shower invitations

6 Photos of the Nautical baby shower invitations

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nautical baby shower invitations

Nautical theme is perfect for baby shower event. Its versatility and diversity will allow to organize a party in a fascinating nautical style that will pleased by all guests. And such a style comes to both baby boys and girls. The organization of nautical style party depends on the future mother’s wishes and mood. You may use one of the variants: a sea voyage, pirate party, fish Nemo adventure or Ariel. Nautical baby shower invitations need to be made in clear way that your guests immediately could realize that they are going to the nautical party. After all, the atmosphere of the celebration will mostly depend on what kind of mood come the guests.

How can you do this? It all depends on your ability and imagination. You may, for example, to order special nautical baby shower invitations in the form of open sailing boat, ship or old scroll, stylized like a shabby treasure map. Another option: take boxes made as shells and put inside the invitation. You may close the bottle scroll with the invitation. On the second side of the scroll sing those places where the party will take place.

Invitations can be issued in nautical colors. It says that you may use all the shades of blue. This is a beautiful color for a summer baby shower! Gentle tones of blue with anchors, boats and ships – the best association with the ocean.

Nautical theme have to be present in everything, even in the invitations to the party. Paper invitations can be made in the form of a sea horse, fish, seashells, corral as well as one of the greatest options – the invitation collage on this theme.

On the nautical baby shower invitations can be placed variations of ships, vessels, little ships, steamers and other sea vessels. It will look great, besides the baby shower party can be spent on the same sea vehicle. A large anchor on the top will turn the guests to the nautical way. Simply and tastefully!

On the invitations may be also placed the inhabitants of the deep sea, beautiful sea plants, waves, in general, everything connected with the sea. Order invitation blanks with the emblem of an anchor and sailing. Inside, where there will be an inscription paint seashells and mermaids.

The charm and beauty of the sea is able to delight and fascinate, so the expectant mothers are often turning their attention to the original decision to celebrate their baby shower in this style. Such events are especially great in the warm summer days. Use your creative imagination for nautical baby shower invitations and then guests and you will long remember this event.

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