Party favors for baby shower

Party favors for baby shower

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Party favors for baby shower

Party favors for baby shower

Organizing the event you need to prepare small party favors for baby shower.

If this party is exclusively for girls, you may give them nail polishes. Select a fashionable pink or turquoise depending on the baby gender, as well as considering the decor of the room. So, choose any items that better represent the mother or the central theme of the party.

Of course, favors are small gifts for girls, boys or neutral. It all depends on your imagination and following the latest trends in this type of party! So, neutral party favors for baby shower can be cupcakes or personalized cake-pops. Very tasty and unusual!

Cards, set of decorative candles or any other small souvenirs will be very enjoyable memorable gifts. So you may thank the guests for the fact that they came and brought their gifts for baby, and they will have the memory of this sunny and joyful day!

If you invite a painter at the party, you may not buy something else and spend money on souvenirs, as guests will be able to carry at home their portraits created in any of their chosen technique: portrait, cartoon or silhouette!

A classic gift option is a box of sweets – candy-box or bonbonniere. They can be filled with sweet cupcakes, chocolate or muffins, chocolate dragees, nuts, photo-magnets of baby ultrasound, candles in the form of bunnies or pacifiers. Also great party favors for baby shower can be: baby bottles with candy, gingerbread in the overall style, cardboard stroller with dolls inside, baby socks with chocolates, lollipops, figure soap of child theme.

Depending on the situation, souvenirs may be purely female: cosmetics, personal care, beautiful frames and albums for photos, small themed trinkets.

The style of Baby Shower will help you in choose favors. At the party of a nautical theme are appropriated gifts will bath salts, small models of boat or nautical compass with future baby initials. At the travel themed Baby shower you can give guidebooks of favorite country or city, postcards or photos of your joint visits or even a coin, which they can take on a journey and throw it where they want to come back! At the Baby Shower based on the movie or film industry you can give movie tickets with an open date. The advise here is one: choose a gift that is suitable the party style and do not be afraid to be original – guests will appreciate it!

Party favors for baby shower do not have to be expensive! The main goal of this to say thanks to the families and loved ones, because they came and shared with you your joy. Whatever the favor is, the most valuable in it are the words: “Thanks that you are with me!” Print it on the tags. The main thing – your attention to your guests.

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