Personalized baby shower favors

personalized baby shower favors

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personalized baby shower favors

personalized baby shower favors

Party favors for guests at the Baby Shower event can be not only identical for everyone, but the individual. It is more expensive and troublesome, but also shows that you care for everyone. Personalized baby shower favors will add some fun and admiration for your wonderful Baby Shower and make all the guests feel special. Think about the various of personalized souvenirs, which can be a complement to the theme of your holiday, as decorations and accessories tend to have a greater significance for the success of this day.

Agree, guests are always pleased to get a little surprise. Usually baby shower organizers offer to put in a box or bag for personalized baby shower favors not only candy, but also magnets, gift soap, jars of jam and honey. Lets present a selection of unusual favors, which will give the guests a real delight:

1. Recipe in a jar
Use small glass jars with beautiful covers. Select a proven family recipe for sweet dishes or desserts: muffins, cookies, granola or hot cocoa. Pour by layers all the ingredients in a jar and close with the lid. The recipe can be written on the reverse side on the tag with gratitude that you hang on the top of jar.

2. Green plants
It can be the unusual personalized gift that is sure to amaze your guests. A tiny pot with green succulent or bulbous flowers would be nice to take at home. Such a gift will remind guests about your Baby Shower for a long time.

3. Tea and coffee
Specialized tea and coffee shops offer a huge range of flavored tea blends and unusual varieties of coffee. In a decorative jar or bag fill up near 50 grams of tea or coffee. That will be enough for a week in the mornings to remember your party with a cup of fragrant drink in hands.

4. Personalized cups
Personalized baby shower favors are always doubly enjoyable for your guests. Apply a cup of special paint that creates a surface for drawing with chalk. Draw using a deco stencil a heart, oval or rectangle. Guests will be able to write their names on the cup and enjoy it at home. And do not forget to give your guests also a “drawing weapon” – crayons.

5. Seeds of love
Offer guests with their own hands to grow the seeds of love. In the paper bag or box you can put flower seeds: forget-me, cornflower or any other. Or you may give guests seeds of spices that they can grow on their windowsill. In any case, such a gift will remind guests of your holiday.

The main thing – your imagination and desire to please the guests! Use these unique personalized baby shower favors and surprise all relatives and friends.

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