Planning a baby shower

If you are planning a baby shower, here are a few step by step points you need to follow:

Seven weeks prior to the baby shower, consult with the guest of honor regarding the date and time and prepare a guest list for the same.

When you are planning a baby shower choose a location for the baby shower. It can be a restaurant, your home or a relatives’ place or your garden. And if catering is the choice, choose a caterer or food provider.

planning a baby shower

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planning a baby shower

Decide what theme you want for the baby shower, keeping in mind the taste of the guest of honor.

About 5-6 weeks prior to the baby shower, prepare the invitations and start mailing them. You would certainly not want your guests to fall into a situation of a dilemma.

Plan the menu and consider making it a group effort, and ask the mother-to-be to see the variety of food items you considered in the menu. Also make a list of props, prizes and the kind of decoration you want.

About 3 weeks in advance, prepare the shopping list for food and beverages, and go shopping for props and decorations. Do not forget to buy a wonderful gift for the to-be-mom.

Confirm the reservation, if you are using a party space or a restaurant for the baby shower. And if you are planning to throw the party at your house, start cleaning up the space if necessary and give the required attention to make the party happening. Also reconfirm your plans with the caterer, or the helping hands that you might need for cooking and serving.

With the party nearing, about 2 days to go, shop for perishable items, ice and other supplies. Prepare food to be made in advance. Put the decoration in place, set the centerpiece table in place and set a comfortable chair for the mom-to-be to rest, as your baby shower gets underway.

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