Safari baby shower invitations

safari baby shower invitations

8 Photos of the Safari baby shower invitations

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safari baby shower invitations

The celebrating of the baby shower party in the style of safari suits the expectant mother who is going to have both boy or girl. However, such a party is arranged mostly for moms expecting for boys, because the boys prefer the theme of african hunting, travelling and wildlife. You can make safari baby shower invitations for such an event, using images of the jungle and african animals. The illustration on invitation cards can be a picture of the future mother in a suit for the safaris.

The text of the invitation marks the holiday theme, so guests can prepare properly for the party. Write the date, time and place of the celebration and do not forget to mention in what clothes you need visitors to come to the event – for example, in the costume of a tourist, a hunter or wild animal.

The invitation at the celebration in the style of safari can be left empty on one side, and later at the end of the holiday guests with received cards may place there photos taken during the event. Guests can take a picture with the future mom, these pictures can be printed on a color printer, while guests are entertaining at the celebration.

If you prefer to use the theme of adventure safaris, the well-designed and original safari baby shower invitations can be a better way to start an exotic journey. Make your invitations as decorated by all the rules passports with a resolution to cross the border of tropical tales.

Developing the theme of safari travelling, you may make the invitation form of a suitcase. You must admit, it is difficult to find among your friends someone who will dare to go to Africa with absolutely light baggage!

A few words about the envelopes for such luxury safari baby shower invitations. Make them unusual too. For example, glossy wrapping paper in the african style. The wrapper and the filling must match each other. Your holiday should be luxurious, from whatever side you look at it!

You may invite guests at the baby shower party with postcards decorated at the left edge with a natural fabric strip and a safari totem – a symbol of authority of the tribe leader. It would be nice if the same ornamented african fabric will be on the back side of the card with the text of the invitation. You can deliver such an unusual postcard to your guest in a box with sawdust. It will look like a precious artifact from the archaeological site.

However, sending your safari baby shower invitations – do not hurry to sigh with relief! The main work on the holiday is just beginning! The next stage of training – turning your home into real jungle!

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