Storybook Baby Shower Invitations Known For Their Beauty

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations have a good feeling about them. Story books are something kids like right from the start of their life. Babies listen to their mother telling stories from a very young age. These stories are an integral part of their childhood. Storybooks are one of the first few things a baby starts liking and gets interested in. People around the baby read the stories in these books which help the child learn and understand things. Since storybooks have such an importance in the baby’s mind, it is natural that you include this as a theme for your baby shower invitation. Here are some fun ideas related to this theme.

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations: An Interesting Type Of Invitation

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations

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Since inviting the guests for your baby shower is such a happy moment, you can have a nice theme to your invitation. This makes  the invitation fun and creative. With the storybook theme, you can invite the guests as if it was a storybook. Your invitation will resemble a storybook page. It can be full of colors and bright cartoons. There can be several pictures of various animals and trees in the invitation. The invitation must be bright and colorful. This will make it look attractive. Get a nice and good quality paper for the invitation. You can use several elements typically found in storybooks like bubbles, lions and so on. Keep the wording of the invitation light and funny. Something fun like ‘our lioness has given birth to a cute little cub’ is a good idea as it goes well with the theme of the invitation. It should remind you and your guests of the storybooks and the stories you read from them when you were small. This factor can help in making the invitation a success.

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations: Lot To Offer

Storybook Baby Shower Invitations

Apart from the wording being cute and funny, storybook themed invitations have a lot more to offer.     You can make references to some famous stories from the kids’ storybooks. You can show a lion and a rat or a thirsty crow in your invitation. Have the wording in the center and the sides of the invitations full of such pictures. You can also have a famous character and write the wording from the point of view of that character. Characters like the beautiful Cinderella are perfect for your young daughter. Have a picture of the charming Cinderella and write ‘Baby shower of Cinderella’. This will have a good effect on the people reading this invitation. Make the envelope of the invitation similar to the cover of the storybook. This will give an authentic feel to the invitation. Experiment and create something different for this baby shower invitation theme.

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