Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower Invitations For A Sweet Invitation

Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower Invitations are the perfect way of inviting the guests to your baby shower in a way that they can never resist. As the name suggests, this invitation theme is about strawberry cake. Everyone likes cakes and strawberry. Hence, the strawberry shortcake theme works well for everyone. People get excited seeing the use of this theme for inviting them to the baby shower. Strawberry shortcake is the best of the flavors of cake. They are sweet and delicious. This invitation theme makes good use of the tasty shortcake to invite people to your event. Read on to know more about how to use this theme effectively

Lovely And Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower Invitations

Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower Invitations

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The name of this theme itself has a good feeling about it. Strawberry shortcake looks beautiful and hence are perfect for such an occasion. A picture or two of these cakes make the reader excited about the baby shower event. So make sure to include it in the invitation. Keep the wording of the invitation related to the theme. Mention something like ‘Lets get together and celebrate the arrival of a cute little strawberry shortcake in our lives. This is a sweet way of declaring the arrival of the baby. Since strawberry shortcake is a famous dish, you will get many pictures of it in various shapes and sizes. Make use of a creative picture which suits the purpose of inviting. Come up with new and fun ideas which go well with this theme. Since it’s a rarely used theme, you can do a lot with it. Make the invitation card look like the cake. You can have a beautiful shape of the card. It can be of the shortcake itself. This will be very innovative and never heard or seen before. It will make the entire invitation look like a strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry Shortcake Baby Shower Invitations: Many More Tips

Since it is a strawberry shortcake, the color of the invitation card must be pink, like a strawberry. Apart from this, you can have various other colors in your invitation card. You can keep your invitation multicolored by having various colored sprinkles in your invitation as a design. These colors make the invitation look beautiful and attractive. Keep the wording also in bright and nice color. Make sure to get the contrast of the colors right on your baby shower invitation. You should also make sure that the wording is easily visible against the pink colored card of the invitation. Instead of just having the picture of the cake, it is better to make it a part of the invitation. For example, make the strawberry shortcake the center of the invitation by having a picture of a baby eating these shortcakes. 

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