Twin baby shower ideas

twin baby shower ideas

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twin baby shower ideas

twin baby shower ideas

At the Baby Shower party future mum usually invites the closest relatives and people who are willing to rejoice for a happy future parents. If a future mom is expecting twins, so it will be a double celebration. How to obtain it? Use the most interesting twin baby shower ideas to make a holiday truly original.

The first thing is to take care of the holiday style. Everything around must say that the mother is expecting twins. Create a traditional double candy bar, double childish decor and interesting theme of the party. For example, very popular among twin baby shower ideas can be the theme of “Education”, when guests bring for future babies educational toys and books. However, the most traditional version is the “pink party” if the girls are expected, and “blue” – if a woman is expacting for the boys. This concept is manifested primarily in the decor. When the twins should be appeared in the family, it is often organized the “Holiday peas”, where a room or terrace is decorated with green fabrics and balloons.

Now it is time to take care of the decoration: the event should look stylish, solemnly and configure the guest on the right mood. You may not do it without baby items – rattles, booties, bottles, teethers and even diapers. Feel free to invent double garlands, collages and decorations for the table. Do not forget about the main decoration – the cake of diapers. Feel free to decorate it with double decors: put two candles on it or two animals, filled up with candies. Use for the cake two baby bottles, two pacifiers, two towels, two pairs of baby socks, two bibs – everything for twins.

Use for decorations two balloon bouquets, one for each twin! If there going to be boy twins, so buy two blue balloon bouquets or pink ones for girls. And for a boy and girl twins, buy both pink and blue decorations.

Let the table to be decorated with a lot of fruit and small cakes with cream. Miniature cupcakes with two different toppings can be great twin baby shower ideas, especially if they support the overall style of the holiday decor. For a double candy bar use two-tiered cake, and if the sex of children is different, make a cake in two colors. Drinks, cupcakes, jelly cups all can be done in two colors and of two flavors.

In response to the gifts please your guests with small double favors that would remind of well spent time. Every guest should be given with two small presents, it once again may show that the future mom is expecting twins. Twin baby shower ideas will help you to organize a double happy holiday!

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