Unisex Baby Shower Themes: Easy Ways To Have A Good Party

Unisex Baby Shower Themes are for when you do not know the gender of the baby. Often, parents want to keep the gender of the baby a surprise. Even if it is possible to know the gender beforehand, some parents  wish to find out the gender after the baby is born. The excitement of keeping the gender secret maintains the surprise element. People finding about it together and the happiness in that moment makes everything more exciting. If you wish to have the same plans and are hoping to have a baby shower party before the birth of the child, here some easy ideas for the party. Since the gender is not known, unisex is the right theme for such an event. Even in such a situation, you can throw fun and a themed party for your guests.

Unisex Baby Shower Themes: Fun Ideas

 Unisex Baby Shower Themes

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Themes are essential for hosting a successful baby shower. You have to choose a theme which will be fun and interesting. Your guests and friends should be able to relate to it. For unisex baby shower, you have to choose the time wisely. Since the gender is not known, the party should be about the mother and the baby and their relation. You can tell your guests to bring an old scrapbook or pictures of themselves when they were young. Take a walk down the memory lane by remembering how your mother would take care of you when you were a baby. Pictures make for an easy and effective way of remeniscensing. The theme for this baby shower should be “mommy and child”. Mae a collage of your childhood pictures. This could be a family vacation you went on or a school gathering you took part in. Try to find your toys or clothes from when you were a kid. You and your guests will have plenty of stories to tell and share so many memories.

Unisex Baby Shower Themes: Gifts And Other Details

 Unisex Baby Shower Themes

Since it is a unisex baby shower, the gifts cannot be specific. You cannot give gender specific things to the new mother. This is not a big problem since you can give all those things that the baby will need irrespective of its gender. For example, pacifier, milk products, baby soaps and diapers are the things a baby needs for initial growth and convenience. You can give these gifts to the mother as part of the baby shower party. You can play games and have fun with your guests. You can also watch videos and movies about the beautiful bond shared by the parents and their kids. You can also work together to make something for the baby. This is a good way of celebrating the arrival of the baby and bond over creating something for it. You can decorate the baby’s room or build a small stuffed toy for the baby. 

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